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Road and Airport
      Under the goal of green environment road construction, we are trying our best to take
a leading role internationally (not to mention nationally). In guaranteeing excellent
technology and conducting research and development for coping with increasing
transportation needs. We provide high quality road design and consulting, and are actively
involved in constructing highways, national and county roads, city project roads, and
private business investment.

• Researching the feasibility and basic design of road construction.
• Operating design of road construction (highways, national and country roads, city  project roads,
and so on)
• Private investment business (basic and operating design)
• Approval for all kinds of business

     When designing the structure of a building, we attempt to make creative, safe designs
that take full consideration of safety, economics, and environmental concerns, which are
increasingly important social issues. We aim to design structures with excellence, an able
workforce, and with consistent development. We are actively involved in construction
design of every kind of subway, tunnel, and bridge and in their supervision.
     • Structure
     • General bridge design
     • Underground structural design (underground crossways, parking lots, subways)
     • Tunnel design
     • Design supervision of building structures

Housing Complexes
      To make the best place to enjoy a comfortable life, we perform the assessment of plot planning, roads, water supply and drainage, rivers, bridges, ground and ensure a lot more for housing development, industrial complexes, and tourists leisure complexes. Recently
we have conducted research into green environmental complex planning techniques according to the improving ecology. In addition, we offer a great deal of service using our experience, professional software, holding equipment, and an excellent, creative workforce with which to lead the complex building projects.
     • Ground development business and readjustment projects
     • Industrial and manufacturing distribution complexes
     • Formulating business for tourism leisure facilities
     • Actual state, form alteration, and private road installation
     • Creation of cities and approval of apartment construction business

Water Supply and Drainage
      This is a main area of engineering for building city foundations, to supply and drain the
water that is for essential human life. We continually put our effort into researching and
planning these clean water-processing facilities (which produce and supply water to us to
live), and sewage treatment facilities the cleaned the industrial sewage which come from
our daily life period. We desire to hand over this clean water over to the next generation.
     • The basic and operating design of the water supply area: large city waterworks,
water movement facilities, filtration plants, distributing reservoirs, water supply pipe
maintenance, and locating leaking water.
     • The basic and operating design of sewage: the basic design of sewage services,
sewage pipe maintenance, drainage pump ground, drainage improvement, and for
damage recovery.

Water Resources
     Water is an essential part of human life. It influences civilization and the very existence
of humankind. It is also very important for industrial development. Water resources are
necessary for a river’s three aspects (size, measurement, and environment). We endeavor
to become the best engineers possible, pursuing our logical design to the highest level to
satisfy our desire for ‘green’ rivers through the restoration of natural ecology, improving
water quality, guaranteeing river maintenance safely and economically.
     • Basic and operating design of river maintenance
        - Researching and analyzing the general preservation and use of rivers’ size,
          measurement, and environment
        - Forming basic design
     • Operating design of river conservation construction
     • Operating design of floor damage repair construction
     • Checking pre-disaster influence and disaster effect evaluation

Landscape Architecture
     Continually researching to improve the quality of life and trying our best to take a leading
role in landscaping under the conviction that it is better to plan and design for a garden
born of the natural environment.
     • Formatting plans and designs of city parks and green, natural parks
     • Formatting plans and operating designs for tourism and resorts
     • Formatting plans and operating designs of sports parks
     • Other related plans