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 The Keys To Our Success

   WSI integrates its project management process with local government authorities and the
local communities. We provide cost effective solutions to the ongoing logistic challenges. We provide good communication skill sets to our clients and require them from our subcontractor
and employees.

   WSI has adapted to the difficult dynamic forces that are active in the Middle East.
We work very hard to adhere to the high standards we have established for our clients. Our methodology provides for the immediate mobilization of major equipment suppliers, implementation of the local Ministry permitting process and implements pre-construction coordination meetings. We strive for early project mobilization and attempt to remain
flexible to our client’s needs and schedule requirements.

Areas of Expertise:
     - Site Planning
     - Electrical Distribution & Transmission
     - Electrical Power Substations
     - Iraq Military Facilities
     - Land Development
     - Surveying
     - Site Engineering
     - Project Construction Management
     - Construction & Safety Inspections
     - Underground Feeders & Overhead Distribution
     - Wastewater Treatment Plants
     - Water Treatment Plants
     - Waste Water Collection
     - Engineering Design
     - Air Pollution Control and Design
     - Earthworks & Landscaping
     - Irrigation
     - Earthing & Lighting Protection
     - Airport Navigational Aids