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 Program Management Approach

     WSI believes and implements effective and efficient partnering relationships with
our clients early in the program development. Such partnering is intended to achieve
the best possible results during and at the conclusion of the programs and enables
our clients and our staff to work together as one team with common objectives and
defined procedures.

     WSI develops and maintains a team approach that, in addition to the Client’s staff,
will include consultants, contractors, the public, and the applicable agencies. We
build team work by identifying common objectives and maintaining team work
through open, honest, and professional attitudes and communication. While we
will not hesitate to provide the Client with “challenging” recommendations when
necessary, we believe success is achieved through team work and partnering.

        • All team members are accountable to the Client.
        • Architects and Engineers are accountable for the accuracy, quality, completeness,            timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of their designs.
        • Contractors are accountable for executing quality work, on schedule and within budget.
        • Program Managers are accountable for adherence and conformance to procedures and            overall program management.

     Our methods of tracking, evaluating, and reporting on the performance of
all the participants encourage our staff and the entire team to be regularly
accountable. WSI provides objective self– evaluation of contract performance and
contract requirements. We also solicit feedback from our clients to measure our

     WSI’s team leader monitors, controls, reports cost, schedule, and quality. Control is accomplished through the use of proven in place procedures, check list experience, and the good judgment of WSI’s staff to anticipate and avoid problems and to provide both accurate and relevant data to our Client fordecision-making.