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 Project Summary

A. Land Development
      • Cheongsong Cultural Welfare Town
      • Sangju Bicycle Museum
      • Incheon Haesong High School
      • Ipseok-Dong Housing Reconstruction Maintenance Project
      • Sunchang Health-Longevity Research Institute
      • Yeungjin College Bokhyeon-dong Campus Dormitory

B. Water Treatment Plants and Water Distribution Systems
      • Al Nassar Potable Water Distribution System, Karbala
      • Hai Al-Nasr Potable Water Distribution System, Karbala
      • Karkh Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation, Baghdad
      • Iraqi Military Base Potable Water Distribution System, Habbinayah
      • Water Treatment and Storage Facility, Ramadi

C. Sewage Treatment Plants
      • Karbala Sewage Pumping Station, Karbala

D. Storm Water Systems
      • Sixth Stage City Storm Water System, Karbala

E. Buildings and Vertical High Rise Structures
      • Hai Al-Hussein Primary School, Karbala
      • Rehabilitation of Four Intermediate Schools,          Karbala
      • Karbala Bureau of Trade Building, Karbala
      • Al Alwayia Children Hospital Rehabilitation,          Baghdad
      • Construction Services Building MWR-001, Habbinayah
      • Troop Command Facilities and Barracks, Ramadi

F. Security
      • Multi-Location Guard Towers, Perimeter Fencing, Lighting, and Facility Hardening,          Habbinayah
      • Concrete Reinforced and Hardening Personal Structures, Ramadi

G. Industry Structures and Units
      • Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation, Karbala
      • Design/Build Mobile Cold Storage and Ice Manufacturing Unit, Baghdad
      • Rolling Steel Mill Factory, Baghdad
      • Incinerator Installation at Sixteen Hospitals
      • Iraq Military Fuel Storage and Depot, Habbinayah

H. Power Generation and Distribution Units
      • Power Generation Plant and Electrical Distribution, Habbinayah
      • Electrical Supply and Distribution, Habbinayah
      • Emergency Power Portable Supply and Distribution, Kirkuk
      • Electrical Distribution and Power Control Center, Ramadi

I. Airport Construction
      • Digital Airport Surveillance Radar, Kirkuk
      • Auto Trac II Facilities/Antenna Tower, Kirkuk