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    WSI provides quality assurance (QA) oversight with its Engineering, Project Management
and field construction inspectors. QA is the process by which the contractor’s quality control program is reviewed and audited to ensure the program conforms to the approved
procedures and plans. Quality control is the contractor’s action of testing and inspecting
the work and documenting the results thereof. Quality Control therefore monitors the
construction process to ensure the following end result.

      • Builds quality in to each work task
      • Save construction dollars
      • Minimize conflicts
      • Reduce insurance costs


    WSI is responsible for monitoring and auditing the contractor’s quality control plans.
The ultimate responsibility for the quality of work always rests with the contractor. Only
the provider of the service can provide the quality of service.

The key elements to this construction quality control process are as follows:

In-Process Inspections
   Observations are recorded via a daily inspection report and demonstrate the work is in
compliance with the appropriate plans and specifications. The inspector immediately
notifies the appropriate superintendent or foreman that the work is deficient and
observes whether immediate corrective action is taken.

   Information on the inspector’s daily report includes work completed or in progress,
all deficiencies noted and/or corrected, non-conformance reports issued, testing in
progress, test results, and any time that may be related to the time of work and other
administrative information.

   In most instances testing is performed by the contractor Independent laboratory
testing is encouraged. Documenting the results of the test is required.

Deficiency Tracking
   Inspectors note deficiencies on their daily inspection report. Open deficiencies are
discussed daily and updated in the weekly progress.

Non- Conformance Reports (NCR)
   When a deficiency is not corrected in a timely manner or the contractor refuses to
correct it or attempts to cover it up, the inspector may select to issue a NCR. The NCR
is considered a serious breach of quality and as such is issued to the home office of
the contractor (copy to field office) with the requirement that a response be provided
within five days. Once an NCR has been issued, no payment, no payment for the
work listed in the NCR will be made. The contractor’s response must be timely and
appropriate, and the proposed corrective action must be approved by WSI and the
Design Consultant before implementation.